Failed Contestants for the First Confederate Flag (February-March 1861)

For the first three weeks their government was in existence, the Confederate States of America had no officially sanctioned flag. The Provisional Congress established a Committee on Flag and Seal under the chairmanship of William Porcher Miles of South Carolina. This committee received hundreds of design proposals from people both within and outside of the new Confederacy. When the Committee made their report to the Congress, they wrote that all the submissions could be divided into two great classes:

  1. “Those which copy and preserve the principal features of the United States flag, with slight and unimportant modifications”; and
  2. “Those which are very elaborate, complicated, or fantastical.”

For the purposes of this study, we are going to divide the submissions into three catagories:

  1. Modifications of the United States flag;
  2. Other Simple Designs; and
  3. Elaborate Designs.

Click the image below to go to the category described:

Modifications of the United States flag

Other Simple Designs

Elaborate Designs